What is cellurase?

Cellurase is a treatment that can reduce the appearance of cellulite. Cellulite is usually found on the thighs and buttocks that affects majority of postpubertal females. Cellulite can be observed as either a widening alteration of the skin “orange peel” or dimpling of the buttocks and thighs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Over the years alternative treatments such as topical therapy, acoustic wave therapy, vacuum assisted massage and non-invasive lazers have been used. However, these treatments have required multiple sessions and not always been effective.

The cellurase treatment using a local anaesthetic to perform a minimal invasive procedure has been considered to be very effective.

Very common is bruising, numbness, tenderness and bleeding.

Less common are nodules last more than one month, hyperpigmentation, skin irregularities and Seroma.

Local anaestehtics are generally very safe, however, some people may experience  some discomfort when the injection is given, tingling sensation when the medication wears off, minor bruising from the injection sites. Other temporary side effects from the local anaesthetic could be dizziness, headaches, blurred vision, twitching muscles.